Laura McCaulley

Laura McCaulley loves watching people’s faces light up as they realize a new truth about Jesus or worship him in a new way. Laura, a new seeJesus trainer, has been involved in training women’s Bible study teachers and small group leaders at her church, Trinity Presbyterian, for nearly 10 years.

Laura is committed to telling—and helping others to tell—stories about God’s grace. Building on her training as a high school English teacher, Laura helps equip women to effectively share stories of God’s work in their lives in public settings on an ongoing basis. Laura treasures all kinds of teaching opportunities, including being a speaker at the 2016 "Story Teller" women’s conference at Christ Community Presbyterian of Lakeland and teaching 2- and 3-year-olds truths about the God who made them.

Deeply relational, Laura will stop whatever she is doing for a great conversation. “Let’s talk now and find my keys later,” says the admittedly forgetful mom of four kids under the age of ten. Laura lives with her husband, Frank, and those four precious kids in Lakeland, FL. 

Photo of Laura McCaulley