Meet Justin Barry

Justin Barry loves teaching and learning! With two Master’s degrees in education, this high school Chemistry teacher knows how people learn—in the classroom and beyond. After attending his first A Praying Life Seminar in 2005, he slowly began using the material in small groups and Sunday school classes with great success. Now a seeJesus trainer, Justin admits: “I have fallen in love with seeing who Jesus is and how he impacts my life and relationships.”

Justin is a backyard farmer, a beekeeper, and an experimental hobbyist whose explorations have included lip-balm making, seed-starting, egg-hatching, and all types of canning. He’s been married to his patient wife, Gretchen, for 12 years. They have three beautiful children who are growing physically and spiritually every day and live in the greater Philadelphia area.

Why did you become an apprentice? I knew the process would help me grow as a follower of Christ! I also wanted to grow as a discipler and learn from others who use the material.

What do people take away from seeJesus training? They truly experience Jesus, and think more closely about what his way of living means for our lives.

Becoming an apprentice is all about having your heart captured by Jesus—about seeing him and becoming like him—that the love and grace of Jesus might be taken into the world.seeJesus Apprentices meet monthly with a certified seeJesus Trainer and a cohort of three to five other apprentices with for 12-15 months. Attending a See Jesus Workshop is a great way to begin exploring an apprenticeship.