Meet the Student Ministry Staff

Amanda Morgan
Meet Amanda Morgan
Student Ministries Trainer and Assistant South East

Amanda Morgan, Student Ministries Trainer and Assistant South East, watched her husband, Brian, transform before her eyes when he immersed himself in The Person of Jesus study. Brian began facilitating an intergenerational Person of Jesus class which was Amanda’s first experience with the study. She got to know Jesus’ humanity – something she was never exposed to or taught before.

Originally from Trinidad & Tobago, Amanda worked in the public school system as a school psychologist for 13 years. After a brief role as a Mental Health Coordinator at a local charter school, God called her to leave the education system and join seeJesus and her husband Brian in ministry. They have two children and love seeing how their kids implement what they have learned from The Person of Jesus study. They truly try to see people, have compassion, and then act. seeJesus has been a conduit to transformation in her marriage and family!

Robert Row image
Meet Robert Row
Student Ministries Coordinator

Robert Row serves as Student Ministries Coordinator and helps others discover the person of Jesus. He admits that—despite 20 years of pastoral ministry to children, youth, and families—Jesus was once something of a distant superhero to him. “In 2014, the Lord awakened my heart to the humanity of Christ,” he explains, “and I set out to discover the real Jesus.” Robert’s explorations led him to seeJesus. He loves practical jokes and adventures in the outdoors and was once chased by a moose while working at Yellowstone National Park. (Apparently, there are pictures). Robert and his wife, Rebecca, have five children, one of whom is now with Jesus, and live outside of Chattanooga, TN.

Brian Morgan
Meet Brian Morgan
Student Ministries Coordinator Southeast

At the age of twenty-four Brian stumbled, half-drunk, into First Presbyterian Church in Lakeland, FL on a Sunday morning. At the end of that service, a man named Kenny asked if he wanted to meet for coffee later that week, and then invited him to meet once a week for a year for “intentional discipleship.” Brian recalls, “I wasn’t sure what that meant, but Kenny seemed cool and I was homeless, so my schedule was wide open!” Brian met Jesus through Kenny, and it radically changed his life.

Fast-forward a few years, and Brian was serving as a youth pastor in the same community where he’d once been homeless. Timo Strawbridge, a seeJesus trainer and Director of Spiritual Life at a nearby church, held a weekly discipleship group for youth pastors in the area. Their discussions quickly began to impact Brian’s life, and he asked Timo where he could go for more. Timo invited him to a Person of Jesus study and Brian dove in. “I was in seminary, but there were all these things about Jesus I’d never seen before. Watching Jesus led to such a softening of my character – my wife saw me changing, listening better and showing more compassion.” Brian eventually became an apprentice and then a seeJesus trainer.

In September 2021, Brian joined seeJesus full-time, working with Robert Row on the Student Person of Jesus team and continuing to pursue opportunities to share the beauty of Jesus with others in Central Florida. Brian and his wife Amanda have two children and live in Lakeland, FL.

Christian Graham
Meet Christian Graham
Student Ministries Coordinator Mid-Atlantic

Christian Graham grew up on a farm in Annapolis, Maryland. Since 1976, Christian has been involved in youth ministry as a volunteer and youth pastor. For the last 21 years, he has worked as director of youth ministries—middle school, high school, and college—at Safe Harbor Presbyterian Church in Maryland. During his time at Safe Harbor, Christian has been involved in missions, leading over 60 trips to El Salvador and West Virginia. His time there has given him a passion for his students to know, to love, to enjoy and to walk Jesus.

Christian is an avid backpacker, photographer, and coffee enthusiast. He also enjoys magic, having once been a professional magician. Christian has been married 38 years to a patient wife and they have three children and 5 grandchildren. His two oldest work in youth ministry themselves. Gianna is assistant youth director at New City Fellowship in Chattanooga, TN, and Eric works in university and high school ministry in Bogotá, Colombia at United Church of Bogotá. Christian’s youngest, Elise, is an aspiring artist at Delaware College of Art and Design.