Rediscover the wonder of Grace by watching Jesus live it out

Our world – both inside and outside of the church — is full of talk about grace. But grace is easily misunderstood. This 18-lesson interactive Bible study explores grace through the lens of Jesus’s interactions and teaching in the gospel of Luke. In these stories, you will discover a richly textured world filled with the beauty of God’s character, and the truth about grace.

You will see Jesus:

  • Raise the law of love to new standards.
  • Teach how grace and law blend together beautifully.
  • Show us how to be gracious toward others who are not.
  • Unmask a heart's allergy to grace.
  • Model grace by communing with many differing people.
  • Help people move from shame to forgiveness.
  • Unmask the pretensions of both his culture and ours today.
  • Overwhelm people with grace.

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