Dear Friend,

Lord willing, seeJesus is going to Israel May 24-June 5 for a 13-day study tour (11 days on the ground)! When Jill and I went to Israel two years ago it was mind blowing for both of us. It may be a truism but Scripture became "3-D." Here are some quick highlights for me:

  • The difference between "living water" and "cistern water" and "well water" never registered until we'd walked through several cisterns. It is the difference between a coke, seltzer water, and tap water!
  • I discovered that I had the village of Nain on the wrong side of the mountain in our Person of Jesus manual.
  • After talking to several Israeli archaeologists, I discovered that there is a quiet revolution going on in Israeli archaeology that is even leading Princeton scholars to say, "Well, evidence points to Jesus doing miracles." They are discovering so much stuff. It is mind boggling.

After I came back from Israel I thought it would be ideal if our seeJesus Trainers and Apprentices would have an opportunity to go and enrich their teaching of our Person of Jesus study. The result is this trip.

Bill Krewson, a friend of mine, and gifted Bible teacher and experienced Israel tour leader will be co-teaching with me. Bill knows far more about Israel than I do, so I'm really looking forward to learning from him. Bill has his PhD in Historical Theology in the 4th century.

My only caveat is this: when standing in the Garden of Gethsemane, I thought, "As wonderful as this is, our Person of Jesus study gives a better feel of what it was like than actually standing there." So my first love is is better than the land. But the land does make Scripture come to life in new ways.

We'd love to have you join us if you are able!


Paul E. Miller

Executive Director

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