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Learn to love by watching Jesus crash a funeral, ruin a dinner party, and love a woman with a reputation. You’ll also be trained to lead interactive Bible studies with Christians and seekers alike.
For wandering minds, nodding heads and cynical hearts straining to pray. Discover the joy of becoming like a little child with your heavenly Father.
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What happens when ordinary 
people, in hard times, encounter an extraordinary faithful love? They fall
 into the hands of the Master Storyteller. This study will overwhelm you with
 confidence, passion and trust in Him.
Small Group Leader Training
Live the Passion. Learn to lead. Immerse yourself in Jesus’ Passion as you lead a Person of Jesus lesson in a small group, and receive coaching from a seeJesus Trainer. Limited to 5-6 participants. Pre-requisite: the Person of Jesus seminar or study.
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The Lord gave us a wonderful time during our May-June 2013 trip to Israel. We are hoping, Lord willing, to return in May of 2018. To learn more about the 2013 trip or if you are interested in being on our early notification list for the 2018 trip, please visit our Israel Trip webpage.




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